SolarWall Video Wall ControllersSolarWall Video Wall Controllers

SolarWall Video Wall Controllers

SW2000, SW4000, SW8000, SW Pro

Key Features
* Advanced CrossBar technology
* Robust FPGA video data process technology
* Multi-window overlay ability
* Mutli input and output formats
* No PC vulnerabilities
* IP streaming decode support
* Multi video wall support in one system
* Fast start up within 5 Seconds
* Support 4K input/output

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SEADA Technology manufactures a range of video wall controllers for many different applications.
The Solar Wall family of controllers are suitable for the most complex Command & Control applications, including security, military, transport and process control.

Employing the latest crossbar and high-speed FPGA technology, all controllers have a dedicated system architecture and embedded operating system. Seada Technology controllers are therefore able to provide enhanced security and 24/7 reliability.

Our video wall systems are not only able to capture all sorts of universal signals, such as DVI, HDMI, and SDI but will also decode IP streaming signals. In addition, they are equipped with the latest technologies including HDbaseT and Optical Fibre, to meet the needs of different customers.

The Solar Wall 2000 is our entry-level controller, offering systems with up to 144 graphics outputs and up to 128 HD or 512 SD inputs. This range supports two video overlay windows per display.

The Solar Wall 4000 family of wall controllers benefit from much higher bandwidth. The 4000 supports four overlay windows per display, simultaneously. This range is the perfect solution for applications where video inputs are more than two times the number of display outputs and all inputs need to be displayed simultaneously on the video wall.

One of Seada Technology’s highest-end controllers is the Solar Wall 8000. This range supports up to a 4K resolution on both input and output channels.

The SolarWall Pro series video wall controllers are the most advanced solution available from SEADA technology. Based on cutting edge PCI express technology, they provide excellent performance and flexibility for video wall applications, supporting video walls with features of KVM, input preview, on screen scrolling text and so on.


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