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Hệ thống âm thanh IP ngoài trời (Outdoor IP sound system) sử dụng 1 phần mềm quản lý hệ thống âm thanh IP kết hợp với các loa ngoài trời (Outdoor Speaker). Hệ thống dễ dàng cài đặt và sử dụng nhờ việc tận dụng cơ sở hạ tầng mạng LAN sẵn có. Hệ thống cho phép âm thanh phát ra riêng rẽ trên các vùng khác nhau bằng việc sử dụng phần mềm quản lý. Ứng dụng cho các hệ thống âm thanh trong công viên, vườn bách thú, ... 

Sơ đồ hệ thống:

Outdoor IP Sound System

Outdoor IP sound system BOQ:

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 IP Network PA System Software, built-in server, built-in encoder, built-in 366 IP-600SF media player, built-in status monitor, built-in weekly program timer, support
English Windows 7 and Windows XP.

2 IP-600TM  IP Remote Call Station, Built-in audio streaming decoder, enable to call to IP speaker or PA zone, enable to make speech to individual zone, group zones and all zones. With priority and ID address, time less than 1 second. One RJ45 input, one aux input and one aux output. 1
3 IP-8030CS    

 IP Active Outdoor Column Speaker, RJ45 port for LAN, DC24V, built-in 30W class-D amplifier.



Tính năng:

  • Online music and paging system streaming.
  • Different zone of different music & paging system.
  • System capacity up to 600 IP speaker.
  • System capacity up to 200 IP paging station.
  • IP speaker built-in class-D amplifier to power a passive loudspeaker.
  • Minimum cable and minimum equipment.
  • Audio distribution anywhere, where there is an IP network.
  • Usage of existing LAN/WAN network and Internet.
  • Easy connection of large and very distant destinations.
  • Paging from another place to separate zones of far location.
  • Possibility to create separate zones with different programs.
  • Central management of all loudspeakers.
  • Cheaper and faster installation.
  • Remote volume control and music broadcast from central room.
  • Multiple BGM programs simultaneously broadcasting to different zones.


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