Quantum Connect 82Quantum Connect 82

HDCP-Compliant Videowall Processors

Extron VideoWall Processor 
Quantum Connect 82   8 Input, 2 Output Videowall Processor    60-1114-11  
Quantum Connect 84 8 Input, 4 Output Videowall Processor   60-1114-12
Quantum Connect 126 12 Input, 6 Output Videowall Processor 60-1114-13
S3 Product Commissioning     Product Commissioning Services 03-001-01


Extron VideoWall Processor 

Note: Extron Commissioning and a QC 101 or PC for control are required to integrate these processors. They are not included in the product price. Please contact Extron for more information.


Key Features
* Videowall processing for videowalls with up to six displays
* HDCP-compliant HDMI inputs and outputs support resolutions up to 1920x1200 and 1080p/60
* High speed, dedicated video/graphic bus delivers real-time performance
* High quality image upscaling and downscaling
* Bezel compensation for flat-panel displays
* Quantum Connect 84 and Quantum Connect 126 integrate easily into environments that incorporate a 4K display such as lobbies, auditoriums, and simulation systems



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